Management Consulting

The essence of management consulting is to help a client obtain information and advice which leads to real and lasting solution of a problem.

Consultants think, analyze, brainstorm, cajole and challenge good organizations to become even better by adopting new ideas. Great consultants are able to step into ambiguous, sometimes hostile situations and sense what changes need to be made. Great consultants are driven by ideas and a strong desire to have a positive impact on clients.

This blog site is designed to help you become a great management consultant by presenting key information needed to enter consulting jobs including an overview of the industry, descriptions of firms and common practice areas, comparisons to other jobs, interviewing practice and advice and a discussion of some of the powerful ideas consultants are using to reshape organizations.

Here, we have compiled this “A Day in the Life of Management Consultants” series to give you an idea what a typical day of a management consultant looks like. Featured in the series are 23 consultants from 19 consulting firms.

Consultants with MBA Degree

Consultants with Non-MBA Advanced Degree

Consultants with Undergraduate Degree

7 Responses to Management Consulting

  1. ConZonia Consulting says:

    Dears, I would like to ask about listing ConZonia Consulting on the list of consulting companies in Egypt and Africa. Please advise on process and cost of listing. Regards, Dr. Wael Youssef

    • David says:

      I’m David, have finished bachelors degree in economics and would wish to work as a strategy planning and investment advisor. Please consider me in your consultancy firm. davekolwa at

    • Yuan Tian says:

      Hi, I am currently an NYU graduate and looking for consulting jobs, Can I talk with you further in details. I can be reached at yt1255 at Thanks, Joyce.

  2. Amjad khan says:

    My self amajd khan looking for a job in any kind of management field i have a almost 4 year experience in management from hyderabad india. i am completed my MBA in finance marketing 1st devision from osmania university in 2104.right now i am in riyadh ksa. i need a job

  3. Tebogo says:

    A have a B.Com Statistics Degree and three years Public Service (Government) work experience. I want to go into Management Consulting, how to do I do it?

  4. Anele says:

    Can u become a management consultant with a Bcom Law degree?

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