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List of Top Management & IT Consulting Firms

Here is a list of top global management & IT consulting firms and their websites (listed Alphabetically). If you know of any other leading management or IT consulting firms that are not listed here, please feel free to let us know by email: consultingcase101-at-gmail-dot-com or leave a comment below. List is updated every Wednesday. Last updated: Monday, September 25, 2017.

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  1. ABeam Consulting
  2. Accenture
  3. Acquis Consulting Group
  4. Acquity Group
  5. Added Value
  6. Advisory Board Company
  7. AECOM
  8. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
  9. Agility Solutions
  10. ALaS Consulting
  11. The Alexander Group
  12. Alexander Proudfoot
  13. AlixPartners
  14. Alliance Consulting Group
  15. Allscripts Consulting Services
  16. Alpha Financial Markets Consulting
  17. Alsbridge
  18. Altman Vilandrie & Company
  19. Altran
  20. Alvarez & Marsal
  21. The AMI Solution
  22. AMTEC Consulting
  23. Analysis Group
  24. Analysys Mason
  25. Analytics Operations Engineering
  26. Anderson Analytics
  27. Answerthink
  28. Aon Consulting
  29. Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)
  30. Applied Value Group
  31. Archstone Consulting
  32. ARES Corporation
  33. Arryve Consulting
  34. Arthur D. Little
  35. Arup
  36. A.T. Kearney
  37. Atkins Global
  38. Atos Consulting
  39. Atos Origin
  40. AT&T Consulting
  41. Aurora Advisors
  42. Avanade
  43. Avasant
  44. Averro
  45. Axiom Consulting Partners
  46. Bain & Company
  47. Basis Technology
  48. Bates White
  49. BearingPoint
  50. Berkeley Partnership
  51. Berkshire Consultancy
  52. Beroe
  53. Beyond Analysis
  54. Beyond the Arc
  55. BI Consulting Group (acquired by Capgemini)
  56. Business Enterprises Services (BES)
  57. Blu Skye Consulting
  58. BMC Software Consulting
  59. Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
  60. Booz & Company
  61. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  62. Boston Strategies International
  63. Bourton Group
  64. Boxwood Group
  65. BPI Group
  66. Brand Learning
  67. BRMi Consulting
  68. Brattle Group
  69. Bridgespan Group
  70. Bridgestar
  71. BridgeStreet Consulting Group
  72. BTS
  73. BT Global Services
  74. BT Telconsult
  75. Buck Consultants
  76. Burge Hughes Walsh Partnership (BHW)
  77. buyingTeam
  78. Cambridge Associates
  79. Cambridge Consultants
  80. Cambridge Group
  81. Cambridge Strategic Management Group (CSMG)
  82. The Camden Group
  83. Campbell Alliance
  84. Candesic
  85. CapGemini
  86. Capgemini Consulting
  87. Capco
  88. Casey Quirk
  89. Cask Consulting
  90. CAST Management Consultants
  91. CCS Fundraising
  92. CDC Development Solutions
  93. CDI Corporation
  94. CDM Consulting
  95. Cedar Management Consulting
  96. Celerant Consulting
  97. Celerity Consulting Group
  98. Center For Applied Research
  99. Center For Organizational Excellence
  100. Censeo Consulting Group
  101. Centric Consulting
  102. CGI
  103. CGN & Associates
  104. Charles River Associates (CRA)
  105. Chartis Group
  106. CIBER
  107. Cisco Consulting Services
  108. Civic Consulting Alliance
  109. CJ Consulting Group
  110. Clareo Partners
  111. ClearView Healthcare Partners
  112. Clearview Global
  113. Cognizant
  114. Compass Lexecon
  115. Computer Associates
  116. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  117. Constellation NY
  118. Cornerstone Research
  119. Corporate Executive Board
  120. Corporate Value Associates (CVA)
  121. Courtyard Group
  122. Crowe Horwath LLP
  123. CSC Management Consulting
  124. Cumberland Consulting Group
  125. Dalberg
  126. Daugherty Business Solutions
  127. Dean & Company
  128. Dell Perot Systems
  129. Deloitte Consulting
  130. Detica
  131. Diamond Management & Technology Consultants
  132. Droege Group
  133. DSG Systems
  134. Easton Associates
  135. ECG Management Consultants
  136. Edgar Dunn & Company
  137. Egon Zehnder International
  138. Elysium Digital
  139. Endeavor Group
  140. Entrue Consulting Partners
  141. ENVIRON
  142. EquaTerra
  143. Equation Consulting
  144. EquiBrand Consulting
  145. Ericsson Strategy Consulting Group
  146. Essex Lake Group
  147. Establish Consulting
  148. Etigo Consulting
  149. Eurasia Group
  150. Everest Group
  151. Everis
  152. Exeter Group
  153. Exponent
  154. Ernst & Young
  155. Fair Isaac (Braun Consulting)
  156. First Annapolis Consulting
  157. First Manhattan Consulting Group
  158. Fidelity Business Consulting (FBC)
  159. Fiscal Management Associates
  160. Fitzgerald Analytics
  161. Fletcher Spaght
  162. FMI Corporation
  163. Forum Corporation
  164. Franchise Consulting Group
  165. Frost & Sullivan
  166. FSG Social Impact Consultants
  167. FTI Consulting
  168. Fujitsu Consulting
  169. Gartner
  170. Gallup Consulting
  171. Galt & Company
  172. GE Healthcare
  173. GFK Group
  174. Giuliani Partners
  175. Global eProcure
  176. Global Intelligence Alliance
  177. Gotham Consulting Partners
  178. Grant Thornton
  179. Gravitas Technology
  180. Gravitytank
  181. The Greatest Good
  182. Greenwich Associates
  183. Hagerty Consulting
  184. Hackett Group
  185. Haig Barrett Management Consultants
  186. Haverstick Consulting
  187. Harbour Group
  188. Harris & Associates
  189. Hatch Associates
  190. Hay Group
  191. HCL Technologies
  192. Health Advances
  193. HealthEdge
  194. HealthScape Advisors
  195. Heidrick & Struggles
  196. Hewitt Associates (acquired by Aon)
  197. Hill & Knowlton
  198. Hitachi Consulting
  199. Hokenson Group
  200. HP Services
  201. Huron Consulting Group
  202. IBM Global Business Service
  203. IBB Consulting Group
  204. ICF International
  205. IDEO
  206. IFC Consulting
  207. Impact Advisors
  208. IMS Consulting Group
  209. IMS Health
  210. inCode
  211. Indra
  212. Ineum Consulting
  213. Infinitive
  214. Infosys Consulting
  215. Insight Catastrophe Group
  216. Insight Strategy Advisors
  217. Interscope
  218. Investance
  219. Investor Group Services (IGS)
  220. ipCapital Group
  221. Ipsos
  222. The IQ Business Group
  223. JC Jones & Associates
  224. Jabian Consulting
  225. Jacobs Consultancy
  226. Jefferson Wells International
  227. JRB & Company
  228. Juran Institute
  229. Kaiser Associates
  230. Kantar Group
  231. Kantar Health
  232. Katzenbach Partners (acquired by Booz & Company)
  233. Keane
  234. Kellen Company
  235. KEMA
  236. Keystone Group
  237. Keystone Strategy
  238. Knowledgent Group
  239. KPMG Consulting
  240. Kuczmarski & Associates
  241. Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
  242. Lansdowne Consulting
  243. The Lab Consulting
  244. LECG (Law and Economics Consulting Group)
  245. Leigh Fisher Associates
  246. LEK Consulting
  247. Liberty Mutual Group
  248. Lightspeed Research
  249. Lippincott
  250. Litmus Group
  251. Lockheed Martin
  252. Logica
  253. LOGIC Management Consulting
  254. Malcolm Pirnie
  255. Magenic Technologies
  256. Management Consulting Group
  257. M&A Partners
  258. Manpower
  259. Marakon Associates (acquired by Charles River Associates)
  260. Marketbridge
  261. Marketing Analytics
  262. Mars & Company
  263. Marshall-Teichert Group (MTG)
  264. Matrix Knowledge Group
  265. May Company Consulting
  266. McKinsey & Company
  267. Mercator Partners
  268. Mercer Consulting
  269. Milliman
  270. Millward Brown
  271. Miracle Software Systems
  272. Mitchell Madison Group
  273. Monitor Group
  274. Morningstar Consulting Group
  275. Mu Sigma
  276. MWH Consulting
  277. Navigant Consulting
  278. NERA Economic Consulting
  279. The Nielsen Company
  280. Nonprofit Empowerment Group (NEG)
  281. Northbridge Group
  282. Northrop Grumman Corporation Consulting
  283. North Highland
  284. The Nous Group
  285. NouvEON
  286. Novantas
  287. OC&C Strategy Consultants
  288. Ogilvy & Mather
  289. Oliver Wyman
  290. Omnex
  291. OmniaNow
  292. Opera Solutions
  293. Oracle Consulting
  294. Oxford & Associates
  295. PA Consulting Group
  296. Pace Harmon
  297. Pariveda Solutions
  298. Parthenon Group
  299. Pearl Meyer & Partners
  300. Peppers & Rogers Group
  301. PERI Software Consulting
  302. PKF Consulting
  303. Plus Consulting
  304. Plutus Consulting Group
  305. Point B
  306. PriceSpective
  307. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  308. Princeton Consultants
  309. Progress Group
  310. Prophet
  311. Protiviti
  312. Proudfoot Consulting
  313. Providge Consulting
  314. PRTM
  315. Putnam Associates
  316. Quantitative Risk Management
  317. Qedis Consulting
  318. Quartz Strategy Consultants (aka Quartz+Co)
  319. Quest Worldwide
  320. Quintiles Consulting
  321. Quint Wellington Redwood Group
  322. Rath & Strong
  323. Razorfish
  324. Real Options Group
  325. Red Oak Consulting
  326. Redstone Strategy Group
  327. Regency Group
  328. Resources Global Professionals
  329. RHR International
  330. Right Management Consultants
  331. Robert E. Nolan Company
  332. Robert Half International
  333. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  334. Roll Consulting
  335. Rosetta
  336. RPO Management Consultants
  337. RSM McGladrey
  338. Russell Reynolds Associates
  339. R.W. Beck
  340. SAIC
  341. The Saint Consulting Group
  342. Samsung Global Strategy
  343. SAP Consulting
  344. Sapient
  345. Schlumberger Business Consulting
  346. SDG Group
  347. Seabury Group
  348. SECOR
  349. Segal Company
  350. Serco Consulting
  351. SFN Group
  352. Sg2
  353. Sibson Consulting
  354. Siemens Management Consulting
  355. Simat Helliesen & Eichner (SH&E)
  356. Simon Kucher & Partners
  357. SkillStorm
  358. Slalom Consulting
  359. Sogeti
  360. Solving Efeso
  361. St. Charles Consulting Group
  362. Steria
  363. Stern Stewart & Company
  364. Steven Hall & Partners
  365. Stockamp & Associates (acquired by Huron Consulting Group)
  366. Strategic Decisions Group (SDG)
  367. Strategos
  368. Strategyx
  369. Stroud Consulting
  370. Subsurface Consultants & Associates (SCA)
  371. Summit Management Consulting
  372. Swander Pace & Company (merged with Kurt Salmon Associates)
  373. Synovate Business Consulting
  374. Tata Consultancy Services
  375. TASC
  376. TechnoServe
  377. Tefen Management Consulting
  378. TEKsystems
  379. Telisys Communications Consultants
  380. Templeton & Company
  381. Tieto
  382. TMNG Global
  383. TopRight Partners
  384. Towers Perrin (merged with Watson Wyatt)
  385. Towers Watson
  386. TPI
  387. Transform Consulting
  388. Treacy & Company
  389. Treasury Strategies
  390. Triage Consulting Group
  391. Tribal Group
  392. Trinity Horne
  393. Trinity Partners
  394. TriPoints Consulting
  395. Tunnell Consulting
  396. UHY Advisors
  397. Unisys Consulting
  398. USC Consulting Group
  399. USI Consulting Group
  400. ViaNovo
  401. Vivaldi Partners
  402. Value Partners Management Consulting
  403. Vantage Partners
  404. Visa Consulting and Analytics
  405. VMC Consulting
  406. Volt Consulting
  407. Waterstone Management Group
  408. Watson Wyatt Worldwide (merged with Towers Perrin)
  409. Wellspring Consulting
  410. Wellspring Partners (acquired by Huron Consulting Group)
  411. West Monroe Partners
  412. Westport Business Solutions
  413. Wipro Technologies
  414. WTP Advisors
  415. Xerox Business Consulting
  416. Xantus Consulting
  417. Xlent Consulting Group
  418. Yankelovich Partners
  419. Zolfo Cooper
  420. ZIETA Technologies
  421. ZS Associates
  422. 2020 Delivery

Last updated Wednesday, Jan 2, 2013. If you know of any other consulting firms that are not listed here, let us know by email: consultingcase101-at-gmail-dot-com or leave a comment below. If you find this resource useful and want to show your support to our work, please consider making a donation.

119 Responses to Consulting Firm


    We are a research based Management Consulting Firm providing an end-to-end business research and strategic consulting services, and support to our Indian and International Clients. PruVisor Management Consulting is a group of professionals with a rich experience of decades in the field of Business/Market Research & Strategic Consulting across diverse industry verticals. Over the decade, PruVisor’s core team members have collaborated with leading Indian and International clients in solving their most analytical and complex business problems, assisting them in making enhanced business decisions, transforming actions into results and building strategic business advantage.

  2. Justin Adonadaga says:

    We are called KALABASH CONSULTANTS. We are WASH consultants based in GHANA

  3. Placide SAFARI says:

    We are B.A.N CONSULT Ltd, a consulting firm registered in Rwanda with specilization in policy formulation, strategic planning, branding and marketing, data collection. we therefore looking a partnership with a consulting firm that we can join our effort to boost and provide excellent services. you can reach us on or call us on + 250788522403.

  4. John Nguri says:

    I am the Managing Director of CDC Consulting Group Limited, a management consulting firm registered and doing business in Kenya and in the region. Our area of specialization is in public finance, financial management systems, economic analysis. monitoring and evaluation and other related areas. we have specialized in sectors like decentralization, agriculture, water, transport, and health. We are looking for associate firms to work with in East Africa and beyond from Europe mainly from Sweden, United Kingdom, France and Germany. We can be reached on my email or office email

  5. DJ Lee says:

    if you have any inquiry to develop new business in the Asia Pacific, please let us know. We based in Korea, China, and Hong kong. mainly do the business development in Korea. always looking for good partners across the world. (any questions about Korean market: djlee at

  6. Sunday Oyeyemi says:

    We based in Barcelona and consulting for both individual and cooperate organisation

  7. Rob says:

    Please could you include Manifesto Growth Architects into your list?

  8. Sravan Raju Vyasa says:

    I’m Actively Looking For Job Opportunity As Lead Talent Acquisition/ Account Manager In Domestic Recruitment (Contract Staffing & Full Time Hiring), Kindly review my profile and do let me know if you come across any opportunity related to Domestic IT Recruitment in Hyderabad.

  9. Alex says:

    I am an Ethiopian who came to India for Ph.D in Education, but having ample experience in consultancy on national and international programmes/projects and have a firm as well which is actively working in Ethiopia. I am planning to complete my Ph.D. soon and leave home. But I want to establish a partnership with Indian likeminded consultancy firms who want to work with our firm in Ethiopia( individually or as a firm). I know there are untapped areas where we need to work on. Those who are interested can contact me here in India or by email as well (alebachewtezu at, alebachew_1975 at, +918876418110

  10. venkata satish says:

    I am SAP EWM consultant looking to join a consultancy who could provide the opportunity in SAP EWM. Please if anyone amongst you can help me or give me opportunity for working in SAP EWM. I had 12 years of working experience in SAP and out of 12 years 4 years in SAP EWM 2 implementations and 2 support projects but moved from India recently. Please help me or guide me.

  11. SternCorps says:

    Need to include Strategy& (previously Booz & Co – acquired by PwC):

  12. Justine Kope says:

    Mindsight is a technology consulting firm that provides thoughtfully-crafted and thoroughly-vetted perspectives to its Chicago area clients’? toughest technology challenges. Mindsight’s recommendations come from its experienced and talented team, and are based on a solid understanding of its clients’? unique business and technology challenges. Mindsight believes in being transparent and candid, which means more productive interactions and less pretense. The company provides the best thinking to achieve the best result. When you need a different point of view, you can count on Mindsight.

    • Saket Kumar says:

      To summarize a bit here:
      ? We are a 10 year young firm, co founded by XL alums with industry experience in the IT,ITES,ERP,F&A,Banking & FMCG sector.
      ? Professional team of more than 150+ Recruitment Consultants
      ? Point of presence in Hillsborough, NJ. Unique” Hub & Spoke” model with a good facility and high consultant retention.
      ? Great emphasis on Process and Technology- we are ISO 9001 certified and have products for productivity improvement ( Intellisense Hiring – Analytics based Resume Ranking product and VIRAT- ATS application).
      ? Clients include Genpact, HCL, NIIT, iGATE, WIPRO, Hudson, Mindtree, State of NJ, AR, Iowa CDI, Cognizant, Birlasoft to name a few. We have a great understanding of the domain.

  13. Andrew says:

    Great list, but please consider adding Ground Floor Partners to your list. Full information listed here: Ground Floor Partners, 150 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2800, Chicago, IL 60601

  14. Md Shahjahan says:

    I am an ACCA affiliate and working 2 years in Hoda Vasi Chowdhury and Co and 3 month working as an Assistant Manager in Bay Group. So I am in interested to work as a financial consultanting firm. Please help me to get a job.

  15. Dr M M Amir Hossain says:

    Development Technical consultants Pvt Ltd (DTCL) is a leading consulting firm working in diversified sectors since 1983 based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now opportunities for business so you are therefore contact us to explore huge business in here. We are ready to work with you in any opportunities in SAARC countries specially in Bangladesh

  16. DU Consultant says:

    We have been an established with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with services at a very competent price. Please visit our company website. We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

  17. win win hr consultancy says:

    please include win win hr consultancy in above mentioned list.

  18. Neville Pokroy says:

    Mastermind Solutions ( is a multi-disciplined consulting firm comprised of highly experienced professionals. We are committed to attaining the highest customer satisfaction by providing accelerated solutions to business challenges. We specialize in Business Growth. We deliver to clients’ a sustainable future by helping them define where and how they wish to grow. And then we make that happen. We help organizations grow through a number of disciplines and capabilities. Providing them with the knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure business growth and a new reality in a changing world. Our comprehensive list of competitively priced services and products will enable them to quickly grow their bottom line. This includes Strategic Marketing, Strategic Planning, Organizational Design and Finance. Mastermind Solutions can be as large or small, as corporate or as entrepreneurial an entity as needed. We are very flexible that way. The one thing we will always be is passionate about bringing forth bright ideas that lead to brighter profits. Our core group is made up of highly experienced consultants, covering a diverse range of disciplines. In addition to the core group, we can bring technical experts and specialists into the process that can offer significant added value to our clients. To this end, our numerous associates provide additional consulting and operational support and expertise, which enable us to undertake a much wider range of projects.

    • Hikmat Mukhaimer says:

      We are looking for management consultants who have solid experience in government projects especially tax and VAT me if interested

  19. Josh Boxer says:

    The Windsor Group,, is an IT Consulting Firm based out of Florida.

  20. HAKAN says:

    Zobu Consulting is an award winning, internationally recognized management consulting firm, established in 2004, active in Turkey with its offices in Istanbul and Izmir and 12 experienced staff.

  21. Akanji Samuel & Co says:

    Akanji Samuel & Co (Chartered Accountants) is a fast growing medium size firm of professionally qualified and seasoned team – management and staff, having hands on experience in both public and private sectors of the economy. We offer a personalized service yet meeting your global needs. Our focus is to meet your needs in areas such as: Accountancy and Financial Services, Tax consulting & compliance Services, Management Services, Audit, Advisory and Assurance service. We offer strategic consulting services to help organization in solving problems in our specialized areas of dealing. We are a renowned consulting firm peopled by professionals with various organizations in the public and private sectors of the economy. For further details, please contact us on: Email: globalpride4business at gmail com, Tel. +234 08022201061, 08189831924. OFFICE ADDRESS: 50/52, Toyin Street Opposite Water Park Ikeja Lagos, NIGERIA.

  22. Marshal & Associates an auditing and accounting, Business Consultancy company established in the year 1989 is looking for professional partners from local and international company to subscribe 45% of its capital. The company is having three offices in the United Arab Emirates(Dubai,SHarjah and Hamriyah Free Zone) is planning to open seven more offices in the UAE and 5 offices in the other GCC countries. Please contact those companies or professionals who are interested in investing and becoming partners of this cash generating venture.

  23. Kittelson & Carpo Consulting was founded in February 2007 by Amanda Rufino-Carpo, a Corporate Tax Lawyer, and Gregory Kittelson, a Business Consultant in Makati, to provide assistance to foreign companies starting and doing Business in the Philippines. Our main areas of expertise are business registration, product registration, tax consulting, recruitment, accounting, payroll, Philippine visas, and HR consulting. In the last 8 years, Kittelson & Carpo Consulting has advised and registered more than a thousand companies in the Philippines, more than any other firm in the country. K&C is also the sister company of KMC MAG Group and KMC Solutions.

  24. Habib Web Technology ( is a Web Design, Web Development & Mobile Apps Development consulting firm based in Dubai – UAE.

  25. Greg Miller says:

    Please add DecisivEdge, LLC to your list of consulting firms.

    DecisivEdge is a technology services and consulting company. We support our clients’ critical business and technology needs by providing them with the customized technology solutions, operational strategies and detailed analytics required to seize their market opportunity.

    We are knowledge leaders with deep experience. Our clients benefit from our unique ideas, knowledge of industry best practices and our ability to develop creative solutions to overcome their highest priority business and technology challenges. Our collaborative approach is designed to really understand our clients’ business objectives, and then deploy a seasoned solution delivery team to get the job done right the first time.

    Our management team has more than 80+ years of combined corporate management experience delivering a variety of technology solutions for Fortune 100 companies. We created DecisivEdge to put that experience to work for small and mid-sized companies seeking cost-effective technology solutions that add business value.

    We formulate strategies, optimize business processes, and design, develop, and implement innovative solutions. Our primary services include:

    - Business Optimization
    - Technology Strategy and Solutions Delivery
    - Analytics

  26. tayo says:

    kindly add FIRST ADEQUATE CONSULT. As a professional consulting services firm, FAC is dedicated to the management of technical efforts which best represents the interest of our clients. We are consulting outfits in partnership with companies of which product we rebrand and deliver to corporate organizations and individual consumers. Our advisory services do not only provide a field retail marketing platform but also help in developing strong leverage and activation plans to open-rationalize their products and services. Above all, we provide a consultancy services with the objective of reflecting the adequacy of professional advice in terms of scope, terms, conditions and cost vis-à-vis risks peculiar to your trade or industry. We also make recommendations on business solutions that will drive success in individual or organizational goals.

  27. Brazentek is a consulting company with a bunch of expert engineers that provide quality electronic hardware and pcb layout design service. Brazen Tek provide services from initial architecture to manufacuring of electronic products. please visit our site to learn more.

  28. Elegant Business Consultant a Dubai Based, Company that offer comprehensive business solutions. Our services included Company Formation in Dubai, Free Zone Incorporation and Offshore Company Setup in UAE. We are also provide PRO Services and Document Translation & Attestation Services as well. for more details click here :

  29. TAimur says:

    Quantum Auditing is a firm of Chartered Certified Public Accountants, Management Consultants and Business Advisors. The firm provides specialist end to end services right through Feasibility Studies, Company Incorporation, Accounting & Book Keeping, and Audit & Assurance. Quantum Auditing is among the best Accounting firm in Dubai. Please include to the list.

  30. semyltd says:

    SEMY Consultancy Ltd. Was conceptualized in 2009 and fully incorporated in 2015 as a hub of consultancies. Currently Majoring in Engineering & Management Consultancies, in the fields of: A. Business Consulting Segment; B. Engineering Consulting Segment; We continue to offer solutions to many, You can not be left behind this time.

  31. Z.P. Consultants Limited’s vision is to be the best downstream oil and gas consultants in Nigeria.

  32. Elvis says:

    You did not mention TRANSTEC AFRICA LIMITED (TAL), ( an Abuja-based development consultancy providing technical assistance to private and public sector institutions in the Sub Saharan African region. The company is a subsidiary of Transtec S.A. with responsibility for coordinating Transtec activities in the Sub Saharan African region. Transtec Africa focuses on the institutional strengthening of institutions by supporting improvements in their people, processes and underlying technology. It is serving its clients in the following fields. Registered in Nigeria, this consultancy is headed by a team of management consultants and development consulting professionals with over 30 years of experience in strengthening the capacities of both private and public sector institutions in Europe and Africa. In the field of development consulting, the team has successfully developed and managed over 10 donor-funded (European Union, World Bank, African Development Bank, DANIDA, MCC) projects and programs in 10 African countries (Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Dem Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Somalil and and Tunisia) serving institutions with capacity strengthening requirements in the areas of Public Finance Management, Entrepreneurship skills development, Technical and Vocational Education Training (including youth employment) and Infrastructure strategy formulation and procurement. The company works with a multidisciplinary team of in-house specialists with ample work experiences in their respective fields (e.g. strategy, organisational development, M&E, gender & development, Management Information Systems design). its staff has worked in different regions of Africa for many years, ensuring a full understanding of the national and regional context of the continent.

  33. Cobus says:

    Jabulani from Africa which is based in Europe are consulting companies / individuals to access the very lucrative Russian market. Russia has its own way of doing business and unique social norms. For exporters, it is important to take time to understand how business is done in Russia and how to maximize opportunities for success in your business dealings. Our team of experts are coming from different parts of the globe that are each holding different experiences. We would like to share our experience with companies who are ready or considering to enter the Russian market and are interested to save time, money and all risks that are involved with trading with Russia. We are interested to have discussions with individuals or companies who are interested in the Russian market. Send us a mail: info at

  34. Joel L. Balinon says:

    Looking for job opportunity in consultant firm.I have 17 years of working experience in construction industry.

  35. J.Manojprasanthan says:

    QUANTITY SURVEYOR / ESTIMATOR (CIVIL / MEP) Sri Lankan Male, B.Sc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying & Construction Management (UK), having 8 years of QS experience with pre and post contract activities, excellent knowledge in AutoCAD and Office package, Transferable visa with NOC. Looking for a suitable placement. Contact: tel: +974 55290757 email: jmprasanthan at gmail com

  36. SUNDARAM S says:

    I am Management Consultant in Chennai (Madras),India practicing with a focus on Methods & Systems, Norms & Procedures, Corporate Task Management, Organisational Development, Performance Boosting, Administrative Reforms, Business Turnaround, Issue Based Solutions, New Unit development. We also do Business Representation in India for overseas business. Looking for association with professional organisations in Dubai / UAE in the above and allied areas for mutual cooperation or looking for tie up & clientele from / participation in Dubai / UAE.

  37. Hi, Please add ADS KPO to the list.

  38. Hasan Alam says:

    Axis Auditing And accounting is one of the leading auditing company in UAE. we provide following consultancy services: Audit And Assurance, Business Setup, Trademark Registration, Compliance work, Arbitration

  39. Kevin says:

    Don’t miss the Dastani Consulting GmbH near Frankfurt:

    Big Data | Predictive Analytics | CRM | etc….

  40. Juan Sanchez says:

    Oxsur is a business consulting and trading company, founded in Chile in 2012, eager to foster global accessibility of commercial investment opportunities for international firms as well as facilitate the sourcing of agricultural and seafood commodities from the bountiful southern region of Chile. Our added value is fulfilled by establishing quality long-term relationships with specialized agents that bring expertise and industry knowledge in both the delivery of strategic business consulting services and the trading of a wide variety of commodities. Our commitment is with the client; to be the pivotal professional business agent that every global firm needs to minimize risk and add value to their business activities.

  41. Tom Kyakwise says:

    Governance Systems International (GSI) is a governance and development consulting firm with expertise in strengthening governance and development systems in the public and private sector institutions in Sub Saharan Africa. GSI was formed due to the current capacity gaps in provision of consulting services in governance, public sector management and development work in Uganda and many African countries. The company is proud of a multidisciplinary team of technically qualified professionals and associate consultants working as a network of renowned specialists in decentralization & governance, public policy, healthcare, education, public finance, Business Development Services (BDS), socio-economic studies and project evaluations. GSI has developed solution oriented and sustainable innovative practices and approaches that strengthen the capacity of the public and private sector institutions to deliver quality services to the ordinary citizens. We have a passion for our work and confident in our ability to serve our local and international clients with excellence and innovation. We provide our clients with tailored consulting advice based upon relevant approaches and success cases drawn from our vast experience. We adapt these practices to the clients’ specific situation by working closely with them. Since its inception, GSI has completed major assignments in Uganda, delivering high-quality and cost-effective services that promote positive economic growth, institutional and social change and intelligent use of available resources. In particular, Governance Systems International provides consulting services in the following specific areas;

    ? Decentralization & Local governance
    ? Anticorruption, Transparency and Accountability
    ? Public Finance Management and Reporting
    ? Local Government financing and intergovernmental relations
    ? Local Economic Development (LED)
    ? Health governance and Health Systems Strengthening
    ? Conflict and local governance
    ? Business Development Services (BDS) and Enterprise development
    ? Socio-economic and Governance Research Surveys and studies
    ? Technical Audits/Value for money reviews and studies
    ? Program/project Reviews ( Mid-term/Final Evaluation)
    Access us our website:

  42. Triple i Consulting is an ISO registered Business and Management Consulting firm based in the Philippines.

    Founded in 2007 by industry experts from the BPO sector, Triple i Consulting first dedicated its efforts towards three primary areas of consulting: Immigration, Incorporation and Investment. Based on a succession of satisfied clients, Triple i has since furthered its activities to include a comprehensive range of business and management consultancy services in all of the business sectors relative to the Philippines.

    Comprised of consultants and professionals who have expertise in the different facets of business such as Corporate Law, Regulatory Affairs, Labor, Tax and Accounting, clients need not find multiple firms to handle different business and management processes. Triple i can assist them from business registration to office setup, up until managing their day-today activities such as human resource management and payroll.

    Headquartered in Makati with a branch office in Cebu, Triple i’s international team serves a broad and varied client base from technology start-ups to successful mid and large sized businesses. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and privately-owned companies are just a small fraction of Triple i’s growing client base.

  43. Hyetech is a Singapore registered software solution provider. We specialize in Customise software solutions in the industrial of Education, Human Resource and Manufacturing. Our LCMS and IMS system has been deployed by significant numbers of learning centre and education institution in Singapore. We are looking for distributor / partners in indonesia, if someone intereste,please contact Tech Leng Hua, e-mail tech.leng.hua at or hyetech at

  44. Nikhil Thite says:

    Meticulous Business Solutions (MBS) is one of the renowned one stop complete business solutions provider across the nation, as we are the India’s first complete business service provider to the food, Agriculture, Biotech, and healthcare IT sectors. We at MBS understand you to bridge the missing pieces of your dream business right from conceptualization.

  45. Danial says:

    How about Pieramid I.T. Group, they are located in California.

  46. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, DaggerFoil Group leverages the combined knowledge, depth of experience, and diversity of its founders to address key market landscape challenges faced by companies around the world. The primary aim of DaggerFoil Group is to offer CEOs solutions to address and transform fundamental sales challenges in their organizations. These solutions will improve, grow and evolve their business so that they can elevate sales performance “above the waves of competition.” For more information, visit

  47. Please add Content Life Cycle Consulting to your list of consulting firms. CLCC focuses on development and implementation of strategic and tactical plans for the capture, management and delivery of high-value information resources, with particular emphasis on structured information and XML for delivery across mulitple media and contexts. CLCC’s principal consultant has more than 45 years relevant experience in the information field with successful projects at all levels of both private and public sectors and across a variety of application areas.

    If you’re facing the need to establish or evolve your ability to meet the growing demand for high-value information products, CLCC’s broad “in the trenches” experience can help you start right, stay focused on what really matters and move to successful implementation at manageable risk and cost.

  48. Hi! Please add Austen Morris Associates to the list.

    Austen Morris Associates is an international financial planning and wealth management company. Our international operations were founded in 1994 on the principles of trust, professionalism and partnership. We have built our business by implementing these principles to benefit expatriates around the world. As independent financial consultants, Austen Morris Associates provides unbiased advice and access to the world’s top investment management groups.

    Our advisors offer a wealth of experience, from offshore investment structures for your long term financial security, portfolio management, and wealth protection, to private equity and venture capital funds, providing the full spectrum of financial advice. Commitment to client confidentiality guarantees security and peace of mind while utilizing tax efficient jurisdictions around the world. What does this mean for you? By focusing on your needs as an individual, we tailor plans to reach your specific financial goals and maximize the benefits of living overseas.

    Find out how we can accomplish your financial goals at:

  49. GBSH Consult is the first-to-market global management consulting firm focused on serving the marketplace for next generation technologies and world best practices in consulting. The company offers consulting, outsourcing and technology services and solutions to organization both on the commercial and the government sides.

  50. RUCHI MITTAL says:

    please add aavir consulting pvt ltd (India) in the list of the firms. We are Management Consulting firm specialising in the Business Strategy, M&A, PE, Corporate Finance, Project Management.

  51. Susan Xu says:

    Please add AE Partners Consulting Group thanks.

    AE Partners bring its ground experience since 1995 to serve companies in investment strategies, competitiveness and international development.
    Today, AE Partners provide enterprises with expertise and advice on internationalization, along with customized outsourcing and project management solutions during their expansion abroad, in particular mode in/from China.

    Key Success factors:

    ? Client Focus: Our objective is to work in close partnership with the client by offering incomparable service that they cannot find with the competition and to support their growth.
    ? Experience: On-the-ground experience that guarantees results.
    ? Efficient: time-saving, competitive with professional results oriented.
    ? Coverage: solid, extensive network, direct supervision.
    ? Safety: Reliable, constant support to clients and continuative assistance.

    AE Partners offers tailored business advisory service to help its clients to enter the foreign market in the best way to reach their business goals, while maximizing cost reduction and minimizing risks.
    AE Partners is a value added to your corporate establishment, and facilitates your relationship with partners and distributors, delivering quality results quickly.

    AE Partners gives you access to the right suppliers and serves as your product development partner, to facilitate efficient and transparent procurement processes that will save costs and minimize risks.
    With its solid experience and field experts, AE Partners is providing highly professional and affordable support that makes sure you achieve high performance results.

  52. Devika Malik says:

    Kindly add InspireOne Consultants Pvt. Ltd. to your list. InspireOne is a leading HR and training enterprise in India and a part of the 3 global networks: TMI Global; Kenexa, USA; and TACK, UK. We offer a wide array of solutions to varied industries across Organizational Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Sales Training and Costumer Service.

  53. dan feely says:

    Greetings – could you pls add TSI-Transforming Solutions, Inc. to your list: TSI is a leading performance improvement, technology strategy and change management consulting firm that helps its clients achieve these results. With our help, our clients become significantly more efficient, effective and profitable.

  54. Very impressive list! Kindly add TGV to the list.

  55. Nawaz Ahmed says:

    We are boutique consulting firm specialized in writing business plans for start ups across verticals, we also provide idea viability analysis and flexi consulting. For more details visit us

    Nawaz Ahmed
    Founder CEO

  56. Ajay K Gupta says:

    We are leading management and ICT consultancy company based in India. Please add us in your esteemed web portal

  57. The list is impressive. Kindly add Liaison Consulting Limited.

  58. Please add Rainmakerz Consulting LLC to your list of consulting companies. We are a business development consulting company that leverages 1099 consultants to support 120 customers — mostly in the greater Washington, DC area.

  59. Betty says:

    Please post Outrival HR Solutions & Consultancies in your list

  60. Please, add us to your database: Meritus Partners – atelier of business transformation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  61. Please add United Consulting Group to your list for providing management , financial and economic consulting services in the KIngdom of Saudi Arabic witlh highly qualified local and international expertise and provide unmatchable experience in consulting services from concept to completion based on international standards and practices. Regards. Dr. Ali

  62. Good Afternoon, please add Animus Solutions to the list. A management and IT and software asset management consulting firm. Great and comprehensive list above. Thank you.

  63. Brooks Hoven says:

    Please add us to your database:
    vNacelleTM Consulting is an international firm that specializes in helping business owners and their teams accelerate business value and entrepreneurial growth; ultimately creating sustainable companies for the future . By developing specific skills, behaviors and mindsets for each stage of business, entrepreneurs, and in turn their teams, are able to gain clarity and confidence to increase growth and success, and navigate more easily through the process of reaching business sustainability .

  64. You can add “ThinkLink Supply Chain Services” to the list

  65. Sam Nasser says:

    Please add Altus Origin to the list above.

  66. Sam Nasser says:

    This is a great list and very informative website. I did not see Altus Origin listed among the Consulting from it is one of the leading Canadian mid- tier firms. It operates in Strategy, Technology and Outsouricng with a number of global offices and alliances. I have noted the website above for your reference. Please add Altus Origin to the list above.

  67. Martha Oerfan says:

    Dear Sirs, I recommend you the company OE-International, which supports Chinese investors on their way to Europe. The entrepreneur is Michael Oeschlmueller m at Best regards, Martha

  68. SYNNECTA is one of Europe’s leading management consulting firms. Established the first office in Asia – Bangkok Thailand – February 2012.
    SYNNECTA focus on facilitating change in individuals and groups because change of any kind impacts people.
    People and their relationships to one another are at the center of successful change. An organization’s structure defines the space in which these relationships are forged and built. Motivation comes from understanding one’s mission and role within networked structures.
    Our goal is to engender mobility, flexibility and vitality even in the face of the insecurities change brings and to minimize losses due to conflict. We analyze circumstances at the outset and establish combined models for action. We develop a steering model for complex processes and support its concrete implementation within companies.
    Our vision and our path:
    Applying what is proven and exploring what is new.

  69. Santa Fe Advisory Services, San Diego, Ca provides business, markting, sales and management processes and services to medium to small businesses. Please list them.

  70. The PMI Consultant Registry [] provides profiles of over 110 project, portfolio and program management firms in 30 countries. The profiles include descriptions of the firm’s expertise plus case studies that demonstrate how they have successfully addressed clients’ issues or problems. Direct links to the consultancy’s website, email, or telephone are provided for ease in making direct contact. The Project Management Institute offers this service to organizations as part of our commitment to the project management profession, recognizing that project management is the strategic competency that enables organizations to deliver expected benefits and value.

  71. Vuaillat says:

    OUR CORE-BUSINESS: Companies transformation: organization, processes, information systems, culture.
    OUR GOAL: Support the companies during their transformation in creating and directing strategic plan of changes.
    OUR DIFFERENCE: We understand the challenges, the missions and the technologies to intervene in three fields:
    – Performance of the organizations
    – Efficiency and control in business procedure
    – Strategy of the information systems

  72. Joe says:

    Nice list! Your list is missing Method Frameworks. Please add

  73. Serge says:

    You may want to add the following management consulting companies: Detecon: Detecon (Switzerland): Thanks.

  74. Dmitry says:

    Please add DumasLab Consulting firm to your list. We are an IT consulting firm, providing project management consulting services. Website –

  75. We give our clients results not just reports. OneAccord brings the best practices of a team of operating executives to immediately improve the revenue trajectory of any business. OneAccord Principals have been past CEO’s providing hands-on execution in all phases of operating leadership. Engaged as needed; on a project, interim or permanent basis.

  76. Lori B says:

    This list of consulting firms is impressive. Please add to the list, a SEO, web development, website design and consulting firm. Thank you!

  77. Armanino McKenna LLP is the largest California-based CPA &Consulting firm, one of the 25 “Best of the Best” accounting firms in the nation, and a “Best Places to Work”, both nationally and regionally. Great list, we’d love to be included.

  78. BD Phillips says:

    Very good list, anyone interested on this list might be interested in my talent of 23yrs of military / management exp. email me at bradphillipsorod at yahoo com I could make some changes that would have a drastic improvement within your organization ….unbiased…

  79. Dhruv says:

    INVERTO AG is a Management Consulting Co. based out of Germany and has 8 offices around the world

  80. Hello. Could you please add Molten to your list of consulting firms? The information can be found here: Thanx ahead. Regards, Kirill

  81. chirag pandya says:

    Medwin Industries is the leading Consulting firm in India and providing “concept to completion” service.

  82. bruce burk says:

    Hey I would love to be a part of this website. I have a management consulting firm located in south florida. Check us out on facebook. Would love to network with other companies and exchange marketing ideas. Also visit us online.

  83. Safety Investment Group (SIG) is a private Arabian professional services firm, established in Middle East and is based in Beirut – Lebanon, and registered in the Trade Register under number 202 18 49. (SIG) is a specialist consultancy providing high quality Economic, Strategic and Branding advice to government and the private sector across Lebanon and Arab World. Range of Services:

  84. Mary Audette says:

    New Web Consulting is a consulting company specializing in improving overall web site value by integrating companies’ Business goals and Internet strategies. Find us at

  85. Add the Southern Growth Studio to the list. The Studio is a Growth Strategy Consulting Firm that works with Jack Nicklaus Companies, Intechra, MCR Safety, Christie Medical, and others who are serious about creating new markets or leaping in existing markets.

  86. John Gordon says:

    R B Lewis Associates is the business consulting firm for the construction industry, please visit our site to learn more.

  87. Patpatia & Associates in a management consultancy in Berkeley, CA. They are mentioned in this article:
    They work with big name firms. Their website is

  88. Please add to your terrific list of consulting company websites.

  89. Karen says:

    Great reference site. Thanks for compiling. Can you please include CLG (The Continuous Learning Group) –, a behavior based, strategy execution and performance improvement consulting group. Many thanks.

  90. John Wilson says:

    The firm Evans Analytics ( is not listed. They are a statistical and analytical consulting firm based in Cary, NC that provides statistical and analytical modeling, quantitative research, SAS & SPSS programming and analysis, and management consulting. Their services are offered nationwide and remotely.

  91. Nick Nickerson says:

    Your list does not contain: Thomas Group Inc., Dallas Texas, founded 1978 nor BMGI, Denver, Colorado. Does anyone have a handle on the sales of business process improvement consulting worldwide (or at least the US)?

  92. kajoba saidi says:

    Hello, I just want to know more and also offer me a job. I am from Uganda, nice time!

  93. Bryan Howlin says:

    Sherpa Project Solutions is the Charlotte areas leading provider of Managed Services based consulting in the speacialized fields of Project Management, Process Improvement, and Information Technology.

  94. Vijaya Shanbhag says:

    We are VIJAYA CONSULTANCY SERVICES We provide technical details of any type related to Textiles, dyes,chemical , processing anything. we also provide Colour systems, Instruments,pumps for textiles and realted fields. regards

  95. Ram Iyer says:

    3S USA Inc is an end-end IT solutions firm involved in System Integration, IT Staffing and application development to fortune customers and Government Agencies. Networked in major cities across the globe, 3S can help you ease the burden of procuring IT assets and VAR implementations cost effectively.

  96. Zakaria says:

    Dear Sir, We would like to represent business (Management) consultants company in Kuwait , if that possible please send us your proposal.
    Regards, Zakaria S.Afifi
    General Manager, ABC.Arab business consultants

  97. Jack Vrins says:

    Vrins Inc. ( is a management consultancy providing subject matter expertise in IT management, financial and operational management, IT and corporate governance, and international business relations with the Netherlands.

    The company specializes in assisting clients with interim management (executive, program, project), as well as the development of performance improvement strategies in Information Technology and Business Operations through the implementation of governance and best practices. We partner with for-profit and non-profit clients to develop and deliver innovative solutions that can successfully transform a client’s operational and IT management capabilities, and to enable our clients to create a high performing business/operating model.

  98. Mansukh says:

    IKON Marketing Consultants, India. Website :

  99. Mobile Marketing Man says:

    Well done! this list must have taken some time to compile. Just what I was searching for today. Thanks!

  100. Scott says:

    Thanks for the helpful list. I stumbled upon it during a Digital Point website review.

  101. Lucky H. Hall, I says:

    HTECH Consulting, LLC ( is a Information Systems Sales and Strategic Business Consulting company which provides business management consulting services to Individuals; Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Global Organizations, Government Agencies and Not-for-Profit Organizations. We develop, design and implement best practice management techniques utilizing proven theories, technologies and strategies to assist our clients in maximizing their investments, assets, and capital to gain, maintain and successfully sustain a competitive advantage in their business market.

  102. bhupendrasinh says:

    Many thanks for posting the names of Management consulting firms.
    Bhupendrasinh Thakre, Stillwater USA

    • Philip Quigley says:

      Many thanks for the info, very interesting. Is there any articles about Management consulting firms in the UK?

  103. Gaylyn Sher-Jan says:

    OnCourse Group ( is my consulting firm in business since 2002 with a focus on OD and HR consulting. Clients include Microsoft, HP, Mercedes-Benz. We’re small but there are few OD/HR firms that compare to our expertise and boutique focus. Thanks so much – Gaylyn

  104. Bharat says:

    Bharat Headhunters

  105. Riccardo Sigaudo says:

  106. Ticoho says:

    I just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s an interesting read for everyone.

  107. Sujoy Ghosh says:

    Can anyone help in the approach :-
    1. How many burgers are sold in McDonald in a day ?
    2. How many business ties are sold in a year in any country ?

    How should we go for it ? What is the strategy ?


  108. Telisys Consulting Services says:

    Telisys ( is a telecommunications consulting firm

  109. Dima says:

    perfectly done! do you have a kind of executive search firms ranking for years 2008 or 2009? Any rating or ranking list would be much appreciated.

  110. Tanya says:

    Awesome list, keep up the good work!

  111. Kawasaki says:

    I have been looking for such a list for a long time, thanks a lot for all your effort!
    –Kawasaki from LA

  112. Peter Baby says:

    Hello, thanks for the Helpful Post. You are bookmarked. Greetings from University Essen(Germany)

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