How Much Paint Does It Take to Paint United Airlines’ Fleet?

Case Type: estimate or guesstimate.
Consulting Firm: Capital One first round full time job interview.
Industry Coverage: Airlines.

Case Interview Question #01352: United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. United Airlines operates a large domestic and international route network, with an extensive presence in the Asia-Pacific region. United has seven hubs, with Chicago O’Hare being its largest in terms of the number of passengers carried and the number of departures. The airline company employs over 85,000 people as of January 2019.

How much paint does it take to paint United Airlines’ fleet?

Possible Answers:

This case question might be used for undergrads, MBAs, or non-MBA advanced degree candidates. It’s a straightforward estimation or guesstimate case question, but it will require a little bit of arithmetic and a few simplifying assumptions that make it tricky enough to trip up some MBAs.

Interviewer: So, how much paint does it take to paint United Airlines’ fleet?

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