How Many Dogs Are There in the United States?

Case Type: estimate or guesstimate.
Consulting Firm: Google first round full time job interview.
Industry Coverage: non-profit organization.

Case Interview Question #01351: How many dogs are there in the United States?

Possible Answers:

This is a straightforward population based estimate or guesstimate case question that would be good for undergraduates and advanced-degree candidates. It requires no special technical knowledge, and it focuses on a subject that (unfortunately) is accessible to everyone: dog.

Usually, this kind of cases have a simple format “How many units of product X are consumed every year in country/region Y?” and can be solved by ?the following approach:

Step 1: Start with the overall population in country/region Y.
Step 2: Calculate number of potential users.
Step 3: Categorize on basis of usage (High, Medium, Low).
Step 4: Assign percentages to each category.

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