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Industry Analysis

Case Examples:

? Your client is one of the largest petroleum products pipeline transportation (transportation of oil & gas through a pipe) companies in the US. You are hired by the company’s CEO to evaluate the current and future potential of the pipeline industry.

? Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola both compete in the same carbonated soft drink industry. Their cost structures are vastly different, however. Using… Read the rest

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Market Sizing / Estimate / Guesstimate

Case Examples:

? How would you estimate the size of the annual U.S. chewing gum market?

? How much tea is there in China?

? Estimate how many Mazda dealers there are in the United States.

? How many piano tuners are there in the city of Chicago?

? How many checking accounts are there in the United States?

? How many golf balls can… Read the rest

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Market Entry: Entering a New Geographical Market

Case Examples:

? The client has managed to increase their market share in North America through a combination of new brands and acquisitions of their competitors. However, the market has become saturated and they have started to look for a new market to enter.

? Our client has been in the diamond industry for over 100 years. To date, all of their mining initiatives have… Read the rest

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